Monsterrrrrr Cookies (Zucchini Cookies)

Last night, my suitemate S and I had a Dr. Frankenstein moment and made Monster Cookies, a.k.a. Zucchini Cookies.

I had way too much leftover zucchini from making a curry dish several days ago, and I hate tossing food. So of course the natural course of action was to a) freeze the zucchini and b) search for a recipe that would consume this excess. Which is how I discovered this recipe for Zucchini Cookies by Baking Bites.

I admit I was apprehensive at how these would turn out. The cookie batter was green and squishy, definitely pond-scum-y. I think it’s because we used blended rather than shredded zucchini, so the green pigments were a lot more dispersed. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the batter. But I do have a picture to show how S and I overcame our obstacle of not having a cooling rack for the cookies, MacGyver-style.

The cookies themselves looked very lumpy and…green. Yes, that’s their natural color. S pointed out that the cookies have lamellipodia, and I think they look a rather lot like Drosophila hemocytes!

But…they do not taste like hemocytes (not that I would know what fruit fly tastes like). In fact, I think they’re really good. The zucchini flavor is barely there, and the consistency of these cookies is soft, dense, and moist, i.e. they are like zucchini bread or carrot cake/bread in cookie form. The cookies as a whole are not very sweet, which I like. The cinnamon and allspice add another layer of flavor, and I really like the chewiness of the golden raisins.

So for all their freakish appearance, they tasted really good! I think I ate four just today, ha.


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