For tonight’s dinner, I just finished off a paella I made from a few days ago.

I really really really like paella. Like really. If I see paella on a menu I am automatically drawn towards it. And pretty much any paella I’ve ever tasted I’ve loved. Which is why I decided to attempt it myself.

I used the recipe from the Cooking With All Things Trader Joe’s Cookbook, which includes shrimp, scallop, petit pois, and chicken sausage. Here’s the finished product!

And the obligatory close-up, which shows off the yellow of the rice (from the saffron):

Overall I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s not exactly restaurant-quality, but for a homemade first try I think it was pretty good. I used Arborio rice and I really liked the texture. There are a few things I might try differently next time — such as pan-frying the rice with the other ingredients, rather than simmering.

Oh, and the white wine I used to cook this paella was the Marques de Montanana Viura 2009, from Trader Joe’s. It’s good in the dish and on its own too!


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