Coffee Cake Muffins

S and I baked coconut oatmeal cookies tonight. That post will follow soon, but firstttt I want to show off an earlier creation.

Last Wednesday night we had a spur-of-the-moment ‘let’s bake something!!’ moment. And so we didn’t get finished baking till past 11pm (which both of us consider late night).  The product was well-worth the lost sleep, though.

We used the recipe for Coffee Cake Muffins by Joy the Baker. We followed the recipe more or less as written, which worked well.

Here we are adding the crumbles, which were very cinnamon-y.

Fresh out of the oven, they were moist and golden…

The muffins actually have two layers: the bottom layer was your average plain muffin, while the muffin top was flavored with espresso. This is sorta visible from the side, where you can see the golden-yellow color of the bottom half and the light brown of the top half.

And a super-artsy topview showing off the crumbles, yet again.

The muffins are not super-sweet–just sweet enough to be very, very addictive. The savory, (pleasantly) biting flavor of the espresso really complements the muffin as a whole. They are great for breakfast. I polished off two of them at once and left crumbles all over the floor. They last for a few days in the fridge and on the plus side, are also really great served chilled.


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