Mitosis Cookies (Coconut Oatmeal Cookies)

Continuing in the tradition of making misshapen cookies, earlier this week S and I decided to try the recipe for Coconut Oatmeal Cookies by Baking Bites.

I love anything coconut: coconut milk, coconut cake, curries, raw coconut… so I was super excited about these.

The final appearance was a little…alarming, though. 

Somehow, though we followed the recipe exactly, these cookies were really THIN and WIDE. And I swear those two cookies in the middle are going through late mitosis. Or meiosis.

One batch did turn out a little more normal…and yes, we did have to use a very sharp knife to help some of the daughter cookies complete cytokinesis.

Yet as with the Zucchini Cookies, despite the rather questionable appearance, these cookies were AMAZING. I am almost guilty thinking about how quickly we finished these things. But only almost guilty.

Some pictures with better lighting:


Photographing these was surprisingly difficult. Why? Well, these cookies have the most alluring, fragrant smell ever. It was all I could do to focus on taking pictures and resist wolfing down the entire box at once. Pure torture, I tell you.


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