Healthy desserts?!

and peccarrot cake and zucchini bread. But I had extra vegetables lying around, and was looking up recipes to use them up…turns out…avocados and black beans are perfect for baking.

Soo…part 1 of the story. Suitemate S & I made these Chocolate Chip Avocado Cookies by Deconstructing the Home. Avocado stands in for butter, plus, this recipe uses whole-wheat flour…so these are totally healthy, obviously. We did use regular white sugar (rather than Splenda, as specified in the original recipe), but only 3/4 cup, so they are actually not very sweet.

Making these cookies was a lot like making guacamole.

Once we added the chocolate chips (and pecans, though you can’t see them), the batter definitely took on a very odd appearance.

And the cookies themselves definitely had a greenish tinge, under certain lighting.

They didn’t really flatten out a whole lot–if you want these cookies to be cookie shaped, make sure to press down before flattening.

The verdict? They taste just like normal chocolate chip cookies, perhaps a little less sweet. They have a soft, cakey texture, so these may not be for people who only like crunchy cookies…but fine by me!

One more picture!

As if avocado cookies aren’t enough, here’s part 2… black beans!

S & I decided to try this Food Network Black Bean Brownie recipe. Since the given amounts are for a 9×9 pan, we had to scale up the recipe by 1.5x to fit a 9×13 pan. It worked out pretty well, though note that these guys tend to turn out on the thin side. To end up with thick brownies, it might be better to double the amounts.

Fresh out of the pan, with some of the key ingredients in the background.

And some close-up shots by daylight.

These things were…SO GOOD. I think this is the perfect brownie texture–soft and moist and totally melt-in-your mouth. At first taste, they incredibly chocolate-y and fudge-y, but you soon notice that they have a distinctly smokey after-taste too. As S says, they taste kind of like a giant chocolate-y coffee bean.

Seriously, these were so good. Maybe some of the best brownies I’ve had ever…just possibly. Thank goodness we made them so thin because they are addictive. On the other hand, they’ve got black beans in them…so totally full of protein and fiber and vitamins, right?




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